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There are 6 Kingdoms of life: Archaebacteria, Eubacteria, Protista, Plantae, Animalia, and Fungi. Of these 6 Kingdoms, humans widely consume 3 of the Kingdoms in order to survive: Plantae, Animalia, and Fungi.

Western civilization has almost entirely ignored edible-medicinal mushrooms of the Fungi Kingdom from their diet, while China and Japan have been consuming them for thousands of years.

Our Mission is to educate and promote the consumption of different species of the Fungi Kingdom of Yunnan Region.

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Yunnan Region

The Harvest Season

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Mushrooms are the most under-exploited, under-known, and underutilized area of natural superfoods and herbal medicine.

Ancient knowledge

For thousands of years, the Chinese have been cultivating mushrooms and gathering research analysis for its therapeutic purposes. The Fungi Kingdom plays a major role in the Chinese diet, due to its rich source of nutrients and various unique medicinal properties.


The nutritional value of edible mushrooms is due to their high protein, fiber, vitamin and mineral contents, and low-fat levels. They are very useful for vegetarian diets because they provide all the essential amino acids for adult requirements and have higher protein content than most animals and vegetables.

About Yunnan Mushroom

Yunnan is a major agricultural province of China with the highest export value of agricultural products in the west, most notably mushrooms. The generally mild yet dynamic weather conditions of Yunnan, from its high mountains to flatlands, give rise to the flourishing growth of wild mushrooms.

There are 900 kinds of wild edible fungi in Yunnan, accounting for 36% of the world's edible fungi and 90% of the number of edible fungi in China.

Great Region

In south-western China’s Yunnan province, mushrooms mean a lot

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Yunnan is one of the global biodiversity hotspots. Its huge diversity of topography, climate and vegetation nourishes rich wild edible mushroom diversity. Based on rough statistics, Yunnan has more than 600 species of wild edible mushrooms, of which more than 80% are mycorrhizal. Around 321 species of wild edible mushrooms are sold in the province, and 164 are commonly traded on local markets.

The Harvesting

Yunnan alone produces almost half of the world’s mushrooms, with prices varying depending on the difficulty of harvesting and the amount of production. Morels, ganba (Thelephora ganba jun), and song rong (matsutake mushroom) are found only in mountainous areas 2800 metres above the sea level and are therefore more expensive price wise.

Distinguishing Species

Photography in 2019 Yimeng

Accurately identifying mushrooms before selling or eating them is an important aspect of harvesting wild mushrooms

Species Diversity

Photography in 2020 Nianghua

three primary themes: 1) morphological attributes, 2) species habitat and ecology, and 3) metaphorical names

Thousands of Yunnanese families earn much of their living from the wild-fungi season, which runs until October. The 160,000 tonnes they collect annually in the poor south-western province generate income of about 10bn yuan ($1.4bn).


The rainy season typically runs from July to September

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Fresh Summer Truffles

Summer truffles are less intense in flavor and aroma than the highly prized black winter truffle, but cost a fraction of the price of their expensive winter cousins.

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Bianchetto Truffles

The aroma of Bianchetto truffles is similar to the much more expensive White Alba or Perigord truffle, although has a little more of a garlicky bite.

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Dried Lobster Mushrooms

Dried lobster mushrooms have an almost fluorescent orange color that resembles a cooked lobster, with a creamy white interior and have a seafood-like aroma as well.

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Dried Wild Morel Mushrooms

Dried morels are fabulous in sauces with meat, poultry or pasta. Also excellent in risottos, omelets, quiche, stews and stir frys.

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Dried Porcini Mushrooms

Dried porcini have a concentrated flavor and heady mushroom aroma that is fantastic in risotto, soups and truly amazing sauces.

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Dried Mushroom Blend

This economical mix typically includes the following: shiitake, boletes, woodear, oyster, plus others as the seasons and availability change.

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Dried Oyster Mushrooms

The Oyster mushroom contains natural statins and lovastatins that are known to help in lowering cholesterol in the body.

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Dried Matsutake Mushrooms

Matsutake are full of vitamins A, B6, C and thiamine, niacin and riboflavin, potassium, sodium, iron, copper, calcium and phosphorus, and may help fight certain cancers.

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Dried Maitake Mushrooms

Maitake (Grifola frondosa) is an unusual fungus that grows on tree trunks and stumps in the wild, but which can also be very successfully cultivated.

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Cordyceps have amazing medicinal properties that is believed to beneficial to the lungs, kidneys, respiratory and the immune system. Suitable for everyone. It is a scarce herbs to have both balancing and adjusting functions, therefore, it has the reputation of "soft gold" and "King of ginseng"

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  • Efficacy:
  • Nourish lungs, asthma and cough
  • Good to kidney, soothing low back pain
  • Regulate function and relieve fatigue
  • Nourishing and strengthening body
  • Delay aging, prolong life

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Cordyceps sinensis is a complex of the fungus Cordyceps sinensis and bat moth larvae, known as the miracle fungus.

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Flavors of France

The most valuable end up on posh dinner plates abroad, from porcini—beloved of Europeans—to meaty matsutake, prized by South Koreans and Japanese.

Simple pan-frying is enough to fully release the aroma of fresh matsutake

Superfoods and Medicine

More than 600 studies have been conducted worldwide, and numerous human clinical trials on medicinal mushrooms have been published. Several of the mushroom compounds have proceeded through phase I, II, and III clinical studies and are used extensively and successfully in Asia to treat various cancers and other diseases.

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Wild matsutake is a popular ingredient for many chefs

Matsutake is extremely demanding when it comes to growth environment. It only grows in unpolluted forests, so it's a rare find and very expensive. Matsutake is also a valuable natural medicinal ingredient with high nutritional value.

Photography:Bai Junmin (2020)

Black Summer Truffle (Tuber Aestivum Vitt.)

Black Summer Truffles have an immense amount of flavour for their price. Their delicate aroma, have hints of earthiness, hazelnuts, chocolate, and vanilla. The flavour develops quickly as the season progresses and by early August, when fully mature, they reach a quite pungent flavour and aroma.

The Black Autumn truffle (Tuber Uncinatum Chatin) also known as Tartufo Uncinato or Burgundy truffle, is very similar to the Summer Truffle, so much so that according to several scholars, it is actually an autumnal variety of this truffle.

The Black Autumn truffle

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Morel mushrooms

Morels, are a type of wild mushroom with an earthy, nutty flavor. They have a meaty texture, unlike the more slimy texture of other mushroom varieties.

Morels vary greatly in size and appearance. Their shape can range from oblong to bulbous, and their color from blonde to gray. They are easy to distinguish by their exterior, which resembles a honeycomb. The inside of a morel is white and hollow.

Although there have been efforts to cultivate morels, they're extremely difficult to farm, meaning they must be foraged and harvested from where they naturally grow. Morels are usually found in wooded areas throughout Yunnan. Warm and wet conditions are best for growing morel mushrooms.

How to Cook With Morel Mushrooms

To prepare morels, clean them with cold water and dry quickly before they soak up the water. Then, slice them up and cook them however you choose — keep in mind morels shouldn't be eaten raw as they can cause stomach cramps. It's best to cook morels simply so you can truly savor their flavor. A simple sauté with butter will help to best bring out the mushroom's unique qualities.

You can also add morel mushrooms to this savory wild mushroom sauce that's perfect for grilled meats.

June to October of every year is the season for mushrooms. In recent years, mushrooms from Yunnan have been a popular ingredient for MICHELIN chefs

Wild boar and blue head fungus

Mixed Wild Mushroom Salad

White Truffle and Foie Gras Sashimi

the art of Mushroom Cooking

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Research on medicinal mushroom supplements suggests that some varieties could enable your body to produce more energy or manage energy levels more efficiently—without nasty side effects or the risk of dependency. Although most studies test how mushrooms may work to prevent or reduce fatigue during exercise, the results provide insight into potential benefits for everyday energy levels.

Cordyceps mushroom s the classic energy booster among fungi, particularly if you’re athletic or have an active lifestyle. Both animal and human studies suggest that cordyceps can:

Boost muscle glycogen to provide extra fuel

Increase oxygen capacity for prolonged endurance

Enhance production of ATP, the body’s “energy currency”

Prevent fatigue during long workouts

Cordyceps and its Activity Against Diseases

Cancer - effects of Cordyceps on leukopenia and tumor growth

Heart Disease

Kidney Disease (Chronic Renal Failure)

Liver Disorders (chronic hepatitis B and C)

Chronic Fatigue

Respiratory Disorders


Free radicals - Potential anti-aging effects

Type 2 diabetes

Cordyceps sinensis was officially recorded as an herbal drug in China in 1964, but its history may go back as much as 1,500 years!

Wild cordyceps are mostly found at higher elevations—between 3,500 and 5,000 meters (about 11,500 to 16,400 feet)—which makes the Himalayan mountains a popular harvesting spot.


We test our products extensively through third-party labs to ensure quality, efficacy, and peace of mind. Here’s what we test for:


Every batch is tested to ensure our products are safe from harmful bacterial and microbial contamination. We also test to ensure our products are gluten free.


The best mushrooms in the world should be both safe and effective. That’s why we test for guaranteed amounts of active compounds like beta-glucans, triterpenes and cordycepin.


Our mushrooms are grown on natural materials and thoroughly tested for heavy metals using rigorous standards before and after packaging in our US based GMP certified facility.


Quality mushrooms are grown organically, without the use of pesticides. Our mushrooms are tested for pesticides to ensure nothing but pure, organic whole fruiting body extracts are used in our products.

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